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The international biomedical community is growing every year, and with this there is a corresponding growth in the amount of research being presented at conferences and research articles being published in the peer-reviewed literature.

While this is vital in terms of evidence generation, it is becoming increasingly difficult for experts to keep pace, ensuring their knowledge of breakthroughs, developments and best practices are up-to-date.

The Video Journal of Biomedicine, published by Future Medicine, provides the missing link between high-quality research information and its intended audience, be that fellow experts, researchers in other fields, students and trainees, or the general public (including patients and caregivers). Through concise, high-quality videos, with the author on screen or via voice-over animation, researchers can personally explain their work, highlighting its importance, placing it in context, and discussing future implications.

Spanning translational research and clinical medicine, the Video Journal of Biomedicine features invited videos and also welcomes unsolicited video proposals. Filmed and created by our professional videographers and edited in-house to the highest standards, all videos are assigned a DOI and published open access on our purpose-built platform. Each video includes the transcript and metadata, enhancing SEO and discoverability of the video. In addition, videos can be embedded on any website and, using our advanced platform analytics such as videos views and displays, authors can keep track of the impact of their video regardless of where the content is embedded.

About Future Medicine

Future Medicine, an imprint of the Future Science Group, addresses information needs in clinical and translational medicine and the biosciences. Taking a concise and forward-looking perspective of the developments in modern healthcare, our publications span the scientific, clinical, economic and policy issues that confront us today.

Further information on Future Medicine and our other publications can be found here.

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