Eukaryotic DNA replication with Bruce Stillman

Video Journal of Biomedicine | Expert Perspective

During the ASCB/EMBO19 meeting (7-11 December 2019, Washington, DC), Bruce Stillman (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory) gives us an update on research into eurkaryotic DNA replication. He explains some of the techniques his team use to study replication and how he thinks the future of the field with develop with the advent of genomics research.

About the author:

Bruce Stillman is President and CEO of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, a private, not-for-profit research and educational institution where he has also served as Director of the Cancer Center. The driving goal of his laboratory is to investigate the mechanism and cell cycle regulation of the initiation of chromosome DNA replication. His team has published numerous work on the role of the Origin Recognition Complex (ORC), responsible for initiating the process of making chromosomes competent for duplication.

Original publication:

Video originally published on BioTechniques, a digital platform from the Future Science Group providing the latest methods, techniques and protocols in life science.