Integrating real-world and genomic data with Terry Vrijenhoek

Video Journal of Biomedicine | Expert Perspective

In this interview at ISPOR Europe 2019, Terry Vrijenhoek (University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands) explains his work on increasing the integration of genomic and real-world data. He discusses some of challenges such as privacy and cost-effectiveness, as well as explaining how genomic data can be more broadly applied throughout healthcare.

About the author:

Terry Vrijenhoek is the Faculty and Staff Adviser of the Department of Genetics at UMC Utrecht, where he prepares the management team and staff members for future developments in clinical genetics and genomics. At the same time he involves a wide variety of stakeholders in his mission to develop a strategy for the ‘Genetics Clinic of the Future’. As chairman of the Genomics Network for Young Scientists (GeNeYouS), he has contributed to the development of a platform for young life scientists and has been involved in many public engagement activities, focused on bringing genetics as close to society as possible.

Original publication:

Video originally published on The Evidence Base, a digital platform from the Future Science Group covering the latest news, opinion and insight into the collection and application of real-world data to real-world problems.