Assessing value in healthcare with William Padula

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In this interview, William Padula discusses the importance of assessing the value of certain healthcare practices and technologies and how economic research can reduce wasteful spending. He refers to the American healthcare system and points to administrative spending, overtreatment and where resources could be better directed to research and development.

About the author:

William Padula is Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical and Health Economics in the School of Pharmacy at the University of Southern California. His research focuses on the foundations of cost-effectiveness analyses and how data analytics can be used to refine healthcare spending. He particularly focuses on issues surrounding drug pricing and patient safety in hospitals.

His work also translates to policy-making, where he and colleagues at the Maryland Attorney General office collaborated to pass Maryland State legislation to restrict price hikes on generic pharmaceuticals – the first of its kind in the U.S.

Original publication:

Video originally published on The Evidence Base, a digital platform covering the latest news, opinion and insight into the collection and application of real-world data to real-world problems.