Epigenetics with Manel Esteller

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In this behind the technique video, Manel Esteller, Director and Group Leader at the Josep Carreras Institute, Spain, discusses the importance of epigenetics in cancer research, the best techniques for studying epigenetics, as well as his research focuses and where he thinks the field of epigenetics will head in the future. Dr Esteller also provides his highlights of AACR 2019.

About the author:

Manel Esteller graduated in Medicine with Honours from the Universitat de Barcelona in 1992, where he also obtained his PhD degree in molecular genetics in 1996. He was an Invited Researcher at the School of Biological and Medical Sciences at the University of St. Andrews (Scotland, UK). From 1997 to 2001, Dr. Esteller was a researcher at the Johns Hopkins University and School of Medicine (Baltimore, USA) where he was decisive in establishing promoter hypermethylation of tumour suppressor genes as a common hallmark of all human tumours. From October 2001 to September 2008 he was CNIO Cancer Epigenetics Laboratory’s leader. Dr Esteller is Director of the Cancer Epigenetics and Biology Program (PEBC) of the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL) and Chairman of Genetics at the School of Medicine in the University of Barcelona. He has been elected as Director of the Josep Carreras Research Institute (IJC). For more information on Dr Esteller’s research visit here.

Original publication:

Video originally published on BioTechniques, a journal and digital platform from the Future Science Group providing the life science research community with an invaluable resource to access latest methods, techniques and protocols.