Mesenchymal stem cells for cardiac regeneration with Massimiliano Gnecchi

Video Journal of Biomedicine | Expert Perspective

In this interview, Massimiliano Gnecchi, University of Pavia, Italy, discusses how he is using mesenchymal stromal cells for myocardial regeneration.

About the author:

After completing his clinical training in Cardiology, Prof. Massimiliano Gnecchi moved to the USA to work as a postdoctoral research fellow and research associate at Harvard and Duke University. During that time, he studied the mechanisms of action through which adult stem cells heal infarcted hearts. After winning a prestigious National Research Award, Prof. Gnecchi relocated to Italy and became an independent investigator. He is currently Associate Professor of Cardiology at Pavia University and Cardiologist at the Fondazione IRCCS San Matteo Pavia. He is the Director of the Research and Clinical Laboratories of the Department of Cardiology in Pavia. His current research interests are stem cell paracrine mechanisms, and use of iPSC for disease modelling and drug testing.

Original publication:

Video originally published onĀ RegMedNet from the Future Science Group, a digital platform that unites the diverse regenerative medicine community.