The ENIGMA brain injury project and global data collaboration with Emily Dennis

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Learn more from Emily Dennis of University of Utah, UT, USA as she discusses her work on brain imaging and traumatic brain injury as part of the ENIGMA Brain Injury group. Emily discusses the collaborative approaches this group are taking to better understand traumatic brain injury, the challenges involved and what the future for this research might hold.

About the author:

Emily Dennis is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurology at the University of Utah, with secondary appointments at Stanford University in the Departments of Psychology and Radiology. Her research focuses on disrupted brain connectivity following traumatic brain injury in pediatric patients, athletes, and military veterans.

She is currently co-Principle Investigator in the ENIGMA brain injury working group – part of the ENIGMA Consortium – which is a global collaboration that brings together researchers in imaging genomics, neurology and psychiatry to understand brain structure and function based on imaging techniques, genetic data and patient populations. The initiative includes several working groups, including those focused on military brain injury, pediatric moderate-to-severe traumatic brain injury (TBI), adult moderate-to-severe TBI, intimate partner violence, sports-related head injury and many more.

Original publication:

Video originally published onĀ Neuro Central from the Future Science Group, a digital platform that unites all aspects of neurology and neuroscience.