Orphan drug development and epilepsy with Ana Mingorance

Video Journal of Biomedicine | Expert Perspective
Video Journal of Biomedicine (2020) doi: 10.2217/vjbm-2020-0010

Learn more from Ana Mingorance of the Loulou Foundation about the current status of drug development in epilepsy. In this Expert Perspective, Ana describes how the landscape of this field has changed, with new developments in technology as well as challenges associated with the regulatory approval of new drugs leading to a shift in focus to developing novel drugs to treat orphan epilepsy indications. 

About the author:

Ana Mingorance is a neuroscientist specialized in drug discovery for rare epilepsy syndromes. She is the Chief Development Officer of the Loulou Foundation and an independent consultant helping companies and patient organizations develop new medicines for developmental and epileptic encephalopathies.