Translational biomarkers and drug development with John Smeraglia

Video Journal of Biomedicine | Expert Perspective

In this interview, John Smeraglia (UCB Biopharm, Brussels, Belgium) talks us through translational biomarkers and their applications in drug development and discovery. He discusses the bioanalytical methods used to quantify translational biomarkers and how researchers can begin to apply these techniques in the clinic.

About the author:

John Smeraglia is Senior Director of Bioanalytical Sciences in Non-Clinical Development at UCB. He plays a key role in bioanalytical sciences to enhance and revolutionise the way that the quantitative bioanalysis and biomarker assays are performed. His work focuses on providing bioanalytical leadership for the quantification of mechanistic biochemical biomarkers to advance drug development.

John has held bioanalytical leadership positions across the US and EU with innovator drug development companies and CROs. He has developed his experience in bioanalytical sciences for the last 26 years following his first degree in Medical Technology (B.Sc.) and his second degree in Biomedical Sciences (M.Sc.).

Original publication:

Video originally published onĀ Bioanalysis Zone, a digital platform from the Future Science Group that aims to advance the field of bioanalysis by increasing subject understanding and sharing of knowledge across barriers to unite the bioanalytical community.