Benefits and challenges of assessing real-world genomics data with Bogi Eliasen

Video Journal of Biomedicine | Expert Perspective
Video Journal of Biomedicine (2020) doi: 10.2217/vjbm-2020-0002

In this video Bogi Eliasen, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, discusses various issues relating to studying population genomics as well as the applications and management of person centric data. As co-initiator of the FarGen project, the first nationwide genome sequencing and implementation project, as well as author of a recently published white paper, the Nordic Way,  Bogi provides his thoughts on the wider implications of these projects from European and global healthcare perspectives. Bogi also outlines the aim of the Futureproofing Healthcare Sustainability Index as a platform to help healthcare decision makers use data from a range of healthcare issues to understand the challenges of healthcare provision across Europe.

Further reading:

A copy of the white paper ‘Person Centric Data Management Models and Opportunities in the Healthcare Sector – the Nordic Way’ is available here.

About the author:

Bogi Eliasen is a knowledge broker whose expertise lies in combining various fields of knowledge. He initiated the first population genome project, FarGen 2009 and works with bridging digital health and genomics in the context of the future of personalized health for which he in 2019 received the HIMSS Global Achievement Award.